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Experience The Soundwalk
The COVID Memorial Soundwalk is a walking route on the Stanford campus, accompanied by a specially selected playlist of music performed by Stanford faculty and student musicians. Three additional pieces, created by Stanford faculty composers, are tied to locations along the route. It is 1.5 miles long, and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Joining the Soundwalk is part of a shared communal experience dedicated to remembering those who have been lost to COVID, including a new site-specific art installation that will be installed with a special ceremony during the 2021 Fall Festival of Return.

The Stanford Soundwalk is currently an opportunity for those Stanford community members already approved to be on campus. If you are off campus, you are welcome to listen to the playlist here, as well as send us your COVID19 audio story at

Parking: The closest parking to the start of the walk is in downtown Palo Alto, either at the CalTrain lot on Alma Street (a paid lot), along Alma Street, on High Street, or on University Avenue. Parking on Palo Alto streets is free for a two-hour period.
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Click on the Soundcloud player to begin your Soundwalk
Your browser will display a map showing the route and your position. The start of the journey is at the corner of University Avenue and El Camino Rd.

Click on the Soundcloud Player below to start the Soundwalk. Select Listen in Browser if prompted. A specially-curated music playlist will play as you travel around the map.

Touch the markers on the map when you are nearby to listen to content chosen for those locations.

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See below for photos corresponding to the markers along the route to help you navigate.
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Walking Directions
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Start at 1 University Ave in Palo Alto at the Stanford gate. Walk South along Palm Drive. Cross Arboretum safely.
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When you arrive at Campus Drive, take a sharp right between the Griffins. Walk down the tree-lined path away from the road.
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The Mausoleum is directly in front of you. When you arrive, stop here and touch marker A on the map.
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To the left of the Mausoleum is the Arizona Cactus Garden.
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Touch marker B on the map and listen as you walk around the Cactus Garden Oval.
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Exit the Cactus Garden where you came in, walking back past the Mausoleum.
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Return to the path and continue towards the Angel of Grief, keeping right. At the Angel, touch marker C on the map. This is the end of the Soundwalk.
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To return to the start marker, leave the Angel the way that you came, turn left at the fork and walk back down the path to Palm Drive and Arboretum.
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Continue straight along Palm Drive until you return to the start point.
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Share Your Story
"We all must be story tellers for each other. At least we have to try." —Mary Oliver

We invite you to share your own COVID story with us. Please send an audio file of your story to and let us know if you have a Stanford affiliation, and if you grant permission for your story to be shared publicly (or not). All shared stories will be archived.
tree stump
COVID-19 Remembrance Art Installation
Save the date: Join us Oct. 6th at 5:15 p.m. for a special event and art installation in front of the Angel of Grief. More information to come.
smiling volunteers with painted flowers made from tree branch slices
smiling volunteers with painted flowers made from tree branch slices